Sales conditions

Sales conditions

Custom production

When ordering goods by drafts or samples of customer, the delivery terms are being agreed individually according to number of pieces and colour. Price and term of delivery is provided according to current layouts and possibilities of glasshouse. Payment advance of 50% from total price of order is charged to new customers and rest of the payment is charged with taking goods. The price doesn´t include VAT, transport and pack handling. Price is determined according tu real costs or calculation. The samples and creating samples is always being charged 3500 CZK per hour in hourly rate. The price includes 3 glassmakers and sample grinding. The price doesn´t include cost of glass mould, which is determined based on actuality.

All details including complete invoice and delivery addresses have to be listed. Diversion in final counts is ±10% from total count. The price is conducted based on number of pieces ordered– at least 50 items from each shape, size and colour. It is possible to deliver bulk orders separately according to production capacity. It is possible to pack goods according the customer requirements and wishes, however the price isn´t included in price of product.


If you prefer personal (face to face) deal before shopping on the internet, please visit us and choose the goods at our glass factory in Častolovice 16, Česká Lípa.

Ordering is also possible via telephone on number +420 603 894 297 (daily from 6:00 to 14:00 hod.) One of the option is also cash on delivery, to each cash on delivery is added unitary postage and tax 100 CZK accross Czech republic. For Slovakia is requiered advanced payment of 100% of ordering goods and transport cost according to actual price list of Generel Parcel. Order can be picked up personaly in our glass factory Florianova Huť at address Častolovice 16, Česká Lípa. Packing and service charges are for free.

Please include full address, contact telephone number and e-mail in order form. Order cannot be processed without these details.

Products are being sent in pasteboard boxes, part of it is gift pack with satin.

Damage of parcel by courier company during the transport is possible, so please check the parcel during handover carefully. Later complaints are not accepted. In case the goods si damaged, written form has to be sign by seller and driver.

Business conditions for customers

1. Opening clause / General Provisions

By submiting the order buyer accepts business conditions for goods delivery defined by seller. Relationship buyer vs seller are managed according bussines condition defined which are mandatory for both parties, if different contract does not say anything else. The conditions specify seller rights and duties and his customer.

2. Subject of a contract / subject matter

Subject of a contract specifies only items defined in sales agreement – purchase order (further only goods). Seller commits himself to deliver to the customers high quality goods according the standards and specifications valid in the Czech republic.

3. Price and payment

Offering prices quoted on web pages are valid by ordering time and date until new price list is Published.

Selling voucher issued based on sales agreement between seller and buyer is tax document in the same time. Transport costs are added to final price of goods, alternatively others costs relate to non-standard customer requirements.

Transport costs paid by cash on delivery accross Czech republic is defined for 100 CZK, packages up to 2 Kg. The orders over the 2 Kg are paid according valid General Parcel price list. Packages being sent to Slovakia are charged with payment advance 100% from order and transport cost are charged according weight of the parcel (General Parcel Price List).

Goods delivery according Commercial Code: In case buyer is not obligated to deliver goods at certain place according different contract, delivery term is handover date (from seller to courier) and time to the courier service.

4. Delivery term/time

Period of Delivery starts from the day purchase order arrives with all details needed for executing the supply. In case goods is available in the store, seller is commited to dispatch or handed over it to carrier in 30 working days. Period of delivery might be postpone due to unexpected circumstances, the superior force or unavoidable casualty caused by third party, not by the seller.

5. Warranty/Guarantee, Service

Guarantee period starts from the day goods are handed over to buyer or final user during selling. Seller provides warranty for quality and completness of delivery. Goods is delivered with warranty 24 months. In case you find any defect on the goods during handover, please inform the buyer immediately, or via phone +420 603 894 297 or send email to We will offer you the most suitable solution.

Buyer is commited to answer back to your reclamation (sales return) in 5 days from the receive date.

6. Sellers statement / declaration

Seller agrees that the data will be entrusted to a third party to provide the buyer with the exception of transport services and the necessary extent.

7. Complaint and goods returns

Hidden defects of goods – glass must be used according following principles: Glass is not cooking, and therefore should not come into contact with a warmer environment than 50 degrees Celsius. Glass is not dishwasher safe when using them to avoid violent collisions. Glass is not suitable for microwave ovens!

Cleanliness of the glass is not subject to complaint, because they are hand made and types of glass due to a defect required to be maintained historical character and significance of this glass.

The enamel defect is considered a mechanical defect on a new product -scratched, chipped edges, etc. The mechanical defect must claim immediately after delivery. The mechanical damage is not shattering blow when in use. Complaints can only be made if the glass has been damaged by striking or other mechanical, chemical, thermal or other effects in use.

Mechanically defective new product must be within 48 hours of receipt sent to the supplier’s own expense, to examine whether there is a hidden defect in the product (and forward at the expense of a new product), or whether the damage resulting from improper handling (in which case he shall not claim recognized and the product will be repaired and sent back to the customer’s expense).

Shipments that are returned as unclaimed to the seller, only to re-send the request to the buyer. If the fault notification to the seller, will be added to the consignment price 50, – CZK per sekond transport.

Poor, damaged goods, the customer within fourteen days of exchange or return.

The buyer sends to its own cost and risk of damaged or returned goods to the address of the seller. Goods sends the customer on delivery, but as a normal package. Otherwise, by the seller is not obliged to accept it. Goods must be delivered to the seller to the buyer’s expense within a specified period. The buyer is not entitled to reimbursement for transportation. When a buyer calls for financial compensation and required to pay, the contractor is entitled to reduce the amount repaid the costs of transport, in that it arose as a result.

If the customer wants in exchange for other species, the costs go to the next shipment of goods at the expense of the seller, ie. that the exchange of goods by the seller will be charged postage. If the situation that a customer requests a second exchange in the order of the same order, the customer will be charged postage.

The claim or return the customer to inform the best seller by phone (tel. +420 603 894 297) or any email address, which describes the type of product defects, the method compensation in the event that will be financial compensation and an account number or address at which that amount should be sent. The customer shipment be accompanied by proof of purchase or a copy.

Returned products must not show signs of use and must be in original condition. Goods must be shipped in original packaging in which it was delivered and packed to prevent damage in transit. Otherwise, the supplier is not obliged to accept the goods.

8. Closing clause / Final Provisions

These terms and conditions apply as stated on the website of the seller on the day when electronic order is sent, unless the parties otherwise agreed in writing. Sending the electronic order form the Buyer accepts all the provisions of the conditions in force at the date the order is sent. Similarly, he agrees with the price of the goods ordered (including any shipping and transportation costs) on the website, unless in a particular case clearly states otherwise.