In our glass studio we produced many glass types and styles, according to customer requirements. Historic glass – Forest green glass, also known as Gothic glass decorated with various glass ornaments. This type was already used by Charles IV and Rudolf II. This style was widely used in Renaissance and currentl is becoming very popular. We improved and upgraded our assortment recently by adding tin. Cast by tin, also called “montura” are replicas of the originals. Glasses and calyxes are also decorated with painting, line drawing, high enamel, drawing with different motives. On the glasses and calyxes are also used decals, which replaces painting with simple decor in large batches. Glass or calyx can be used as the promotional items with logos or city souvenirs. Can be decorated by decor sandblasted, engraved or brushed. Glasses and calyxes can be used routinely for daily use in all kinds of cold drinks. All this provides our e-shop or in our store “Sklárna – prodejna skla” in Prague - Vršovice, Moskevská 58.

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