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New glass store in Prague

Category description

Color combinations
Is glass colored into all different colors and shades, used with decorative and utility glass.
Cut glass
Is mouth blown glass, hand cut in different geometrical shapes. Special emphasis is placed on exactness. This type of glass is considered as luxurious for its difficult and time-consuming production.
Historical glass
Production of this type of glass is very demanding. The glass is produced exactly according to traditional methods and come in original shapes and colors.
Iridescent glass
A unique technique is used in production of Iridescent Glass. It results in unusual, interesting rainbow-like coloration. Each piece is an original.
Glass lamps
Oil and kerosene lamps in return to romantic lighting of our ancestors. All possible techniques are used for decorating the lamp-shades.
Painted glass
Hand-decorated glass with special colors used only for painting glass. Colors are completely harmless and adhere to glass perfectly.
Transfer - picture
Specially made pictures, company logos….placed on certain glass object and then heated. Although this teqnique is suitable rather for mass production the result is always very impressive.
Frosted glass
Decorated with sand which showers on the the glass through a special sticker and erodes its surface. The smallest detailes can be made by this techique and it´s very often used in mass production of company presents, sport trophies.
Engraved glass
Hand-engraving is traditional decorative technique. Its is possible to create any flower motives or animal motives, company logos, hunting motives, heraldic motives.
Glass and tin combination
Mostly used with historical glass. (the tin used for this type of glass is completely harmless).
Customized orders
Glass objects are made exactly according to particular order placed by a customer. (All the rights are of course reserved by the customer.).
Utility glass
Glass for everyday use. Vases, baskets, ashtrays, glass-bells, perfume bottles, bowls, stemware, liqueur sets, beer glasses, cups.
Optical glass
First pressed into a special type of mould before blowing out the acctual shape of product.The first mould leaves an interesting pattern on the glass – optic pattern.
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